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100 days to dialogue
in a new language

By practicing 30 to 40 minutes a day

The Assimil method
90 years of proven efficiency
by over 40 million people!

100 days to dialogue in a new language

Very complete application. I’m progressing and I’m thrilled! Thank you Assimil!

The method itself is extraordinary. I prefer this interactive interface to the book I used until now with CDs.

Very well done. Assimil remains a reference. We feel that everything has been very studied: duration of lessons, progressiveness…

Pedagogy: humour, rigour and freedom

The Assimil method is based on a unique principle, confirmed by cognitive sciences

Learn the same way a child learns his or her mother tongue. Think in the language you are studying from lesson 1, using your adult effectiveness to understand and combine the rules that will be needed to create your own sentences!

One lesson lasts about 30-40mn


Start by listening to a complete conversation, which leads to both listening and intuitive understanding since you do not know all the words – it is even better not to look at the text during this first discovery.


Then, practice on each sentence: listen to it and repeat it, helped by the text, the translation and the related notes.


Finally, train your memory with exercises that recruit your memory, grammatical skills and intuition.

Native actors

More than 2.5 hours of audio recordings by native actors

Real-life situations

Lively and useful dialogues based on realistic and current situations


Systematic reviews to consolidate your achievements

The Mantano technology
for an even more efficient digital version

Usable everywhere

No excuse for not moving forward!
By purchasing a method, you have access to applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. With or without internet connection, in your sofa or during your daily commuting, you always have a way to follow your Assimil method.


Listen to dialogues, record yourself, answer questions, complete sentences with gaps, search words in the lexicon and directly access the possible uses of the word in the different lessons… Everything is done to help you learn effectively!

Progress monitoring

See your dashboard for a summary of the lessons you have already learned. Review the evaluation obtained for each exercise and repeat at any time those you did not pass brilliantly the first time.

Offer Gift Cards!

Give your loved ones the decisive push to learn the language of their choice!

Customize the gift card with their name and a personal message. Choose the date they will receive it by email or download it, print it, and give it to them.

They will love this useful and original gift!

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