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Purchase once, enjoy on all your devices

You downloaded the free version on Google Play then bought the full version from your method and now you wonder how to use it from your iPad without paying again?

Don’t worry, it’s very easy

From your Personal Account

Does it apply to me? Yes, if you purchased your app from iTunes, the free Android version, or the store

On the device where you want to install the app, click on “My Account > My Downloads” url. You will see all your purchase methods. Simply click or tap on the “Open” button and see the magic happen!

Our website will automatically detect the device you have and redirect you to the appropriate intall page:

  • From an Android device, you will download the app from Google Play
  • From an iOS device, you will download the app from iTunes
  • From a desktop device, you will go to a page allowing you to install the Windows or the Apple version

From your Assimil app

Does it apply to me? Yes, if you have already installed the free version of the Assimil app

Open the main menu with a left to right swipe and check you are logged in with the email you used to buy the full version.

If you are connected with the appropriate email you can tap on the “Full version” menu and the app will start the download of the full version.

If you are logged with another email, don’t worry. You can tap on your avatar, click on the logout label on the Account section, and login again with the correct email.

Specific case: Activate your purchase with a code

Does it apply to me? Only if you have purchased a pack containing an activation code


Go to to create an account with your  delivery code. Now, your delivery code is associated with the email you specified during the activation process.


Navigate to and click on the appropriate button depending on the device you have

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