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Assimil Norvégien

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100 days to speak with the best language learning method in Europe.

By studying 30 to 40 minutes a day, in just a few months, you will reach a conversational level that will allow you to express yourself comfortably in various everyday situations and business contexts.

You will reach level


An Interactive Method

lessons and corresponding audio ( of audio) recorded by native speakers

Lively and practical dialogues based on realistic, contemporary situations

Summary review lessons that allow you to consolidate what you’ve learned

Simple grammatical notes and exercises to test your learning

Additional information

Learned Language


European Level




Audio duration in minutes
Number of lessons

Native Language

Why the Assimil method works

Three reasons that demonstrate the effectiveness of the method


Tried and tested by learners for more than 85 years


Proven to allow a language to be learned in just a few months


Based on the unique principle of intuitive assimilation, which has been confirmed by cognitive science


  1. Anonymous

    Assimil esf MA méthode préférée pour apprendre. J’ai appris l’espagnol et le Brésilien ! Maintenant c’est le norvégien ! En fait, j’ai déjà l’ensemble livre et mp3 (dire que j’ai commencé avec les cassettes en espagnol) que j’avais acheté il y a quelques années, ce qui fait que, faute de budget, je vais attendre encore un peu mais, n’hésitez pas, allez-y ! C’est drôle à dire mais cela m’a tellement ouvert de portes dans ma vie et CE N’EST PAS PEU DIRE, croyez-moi 😉

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