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Learn French

4.92 (12 reviews)


100 days to speak with the best language learning method in Europe.

By studying 30 to 40 minutes a day, in just a few months, you will reach a conversational level that will allow you to express yourself comfortably in various everyday situations and business contexts.

You will reach level


An Interactive Method

lessons and corresponding audio ( of audio) recorded by native speakers

Lively and practical dialogues based on realistic, contemporary situations

Summary review lessons that allow you to consolidate what you’ve learned

Simple grammatical notes and exercises to test your learning

Additional information

Learned Language


European Level




Native Language

Why the Assimil method works

Three reasons that demonstrate the effectiveness of the method


Tried and tested by learners for more than 85 years


Proven to allow a language to be learned in just a few months


Based on the unique principle of intuitive assimilation, which has been confirmed by cognitive science

12 reviews for Learn French

  1. Google Play – miki ziv

    יופי של אפליקציה גם שמע גם טקסט תרגילים והערות דקדוקיות המון הומור

  2. Google Play – SÈ TÈF

    واااااو 😍😍😍

  3. Google Play – Oleg Muravyov


  4. Google Play – Zeynel Abidin KARADİŞ

    C’est très bien

  5. Google Play – Bruno De Paula

    Bien intéressant.

  6. Google Play – Buğra Yücesan

    Very Good

  7. Google Play – Wolfgang Wockenfuss

    Excellent app to learn French. Thanks

  8. Google Play – evan mcinnes

    I am usiing this app in conjunction with a few others for variety, and I am really really finding it beneficial so far and look forward to using it everyday to help boost my acuisition of the French language.

  9. Google Play – Serigne Mbacke


  10. Google Play – Jessicah Mwanzia

    The best language learning experience I’ve used so far!! Thanks

  11. Google Play – Diego Tonatiuh Ruvalcaba Alcalá

    Everything OK 👌

  12. Google Play – Fidel Orangur

    If you like Assimil you will love it!

  13. Google Play – Alucard Eripmav

    This is the app to get for those who are actually “serious” about learning
    another language. The original paper book versions are the most fun books
    out there and now we have a very cleverly put together app version (with
    audio) of them. So far the app has been rock solid no glitches on both
    Android and iOS for me. I sincerely hope there are plans to make versions
    of this app from English to German, English to Russian, English to Italian
    because I would buy all of them. ;^}

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