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Learn Spanish

4.88 (5 reviews)


100 days to speak with the best language learning method in Europe.

By studying 30 to 40 minutes a day, in just a few months, you will reach a conversational level that will allow you to express yourself comfortably in various everyday situations and business contexts.

You will reach level


An Interactive Method

lessons and corresponding audio ( of audio) recorded by native speakers

Lively and practical dialogues based on realistic, contemporary situations

Summary review lessons that allow you to consolidate what you’ve learned

Simple grammatical notes and exercises to test your learning

Additional information

Learned Language


European Level




Native Language

Why the Assimil method works

Three reasons that demonstrate the effectiveness of the method


Tried and tested by learners for more than 85 years


Proven to allow a language to be learned in just a few months


Based on the unique principle of intuitive assimilation, which has been confirmed by cognitive science

5 reviews for Learn Spanish

  1. Anonymous

    I got the paid version of the app. At first the app had some bugs but i emailed customer service and after a week of trying different things it was fixed. They were very polite. As for the app as a language tool i think it’s Great! This app focuses on Spanish spoken in Spain. It has helped me learn so many colloquial frases that i wouldn’t have know other wise. I love that you get a little bit of a conversation with real people and not just a robot voice. It also nicely eases you into grammer.

  2. Anonymous

    Takes serious discipline great app

  3. Anonymous

    All the content of Assimil with Ease book/cds in app format
    Assimil’s dialog focused approach is different than a lot of the popular apps that focus on teaching you random word combinations in a gameafied setting. Not well known outside of Europe, Assimil teaches you good pronunciation and useful phrases in a comprehensive course with entertaining dialogs and gives you grammar explanations only when you need them.

    – Well respected curriculum recommended by lots of polyglots
    – All the content of the books in a digital format
    – Audio is high quality and all in target language spoke clearly by native speakers, no wasting time with long audio explanations in English.
    – Ability to record yourself after each line of dialog to test your pronunciation
    – Funny, entertaining dialogs
    – Lots of relevant cultural notes to give you context to what you are learning
    – A good, solid base in the language when you are done
    – Ability to do entire course off-line
    – Can get it anywhere after a quick download- Assimil books are hard to find outside of Europe
    – 30-40% cheaper than the paper version

    – For English speakers, only Spanish, French, and German are available digitally (lots more options if you can learn from French)
    – Spanish is focused on European Spanish, no option for Latin American Spanish
    – The answers in the test questions require exact response Assimil wants to be correct, including proper accents and capitalization. Sometimes there are multiple possible translations for the answers, but it will only accept the one it has taught you in that lesson or recently.
    – It might be a little difficult to start and do the lessons right if you’ve never used Assimil before. There are explanations but the are not always obvious to find or completely clear.
    – No downloadable audio outside of the app, so if you want to make audio flash cards, you have to record to a microphone, old school style.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s Assimil. It’s always good :

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent: thoughtful and intelligent. Not overburdening. App crashes sometimes, but content and ux are great.

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