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Erin Brady

Courses to learn Italian

Erin Brady Erin Brady was born in the United Kingdom in 1989. Her love of languages led her to Princeton…

Divy Kervella

Courses to learn Breton

Divy Kervella Divi Kervella was born in 1957 in the Paris region, but his parents soon returned to Brittany. He…

David Tarradas

Courses to learn Spanish

David Tarradas David Tarradas was born in Badalona (Barcelona) in 1967. After his university studies, he arrived in France and…

Belén Cabal

Courses to learn spanish & adaptations to learn French

Belén Cabal Belén Cabal has made his passion for languages and books his profession. She is a translator of English…

Anthony Bulger

Author of English courses

Anthony Bulger The author has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, as well as in Ireland, the United States…

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