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Dominique Halbout

Dominique Halbout, born in Paris in 1942, studied Spanish and art history at the École du Louvre, then oriental languages (Arabic, Persian and Turkish) and has lived in various countries of the Middle East where she devoted herself to research on Persian and Ottoman miniatures, especially in Turkey where she was a scientific resident.

Doctor of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, she has taught Turkish at Langues’O as well as the history of the Art of Islam.

Author of language methods, she has published several books with Assimil and L’Harmattan, as well as various research works and booklets on miniatures.

The language, literature and art of a country, i.e. language and culture, cannot be separated. Language learning can only take place in the cultural context of the country where it is practiced.

Courses written by Dominique Halbout

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