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Divy Kervella

Divi Kervella was born in 1957 in the Paris region, but his parents soon returned to Brittany. He is raised in Breton and has always used this language in his family, in his surroundings and in his professional life. He died on 28 December 2017.

It was part of the very first batch of the Breton licence issued in 1982. He worked in the world of publishing in the Breton language where he is an advisor, proofreader and translator (he has translated many comics such as Tintin, Asterix or Le Chat…). He was also a member of the Scientific Council of the Public Office of the Breton Language.

Wishing to share with as many people as possible his enthusiasm for the transmission of a true heritage, he favoured a progressive learning approach accessible to all, starting from a well-rooted Breton but resolutely open to the modern world, where the pleasure of (re)discovery would be the guiding principle.

He had been working with Assimil since 2001 and published four books with them. He has also written various popularization books in Breton or French on Brittany and its culture. He was co-author of the Atlas of Brittany/Atlas Breizh. He participates in the website.

Courses written by Divy Kervella

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